Lea Associates, Inc., provides professional consulting and advisory services in real estate. Our services are diverse, but our most requested services are in appraisal, real estate decision-making support, tax impact analysis and expert testimony. Organized in 1976, Lea Associates is owned by the professionals who work here. We are one of the largest independent firms doing this kind of work in California. In fact, we have ranked among the top ten firms in our field in Los Angeles County.

We are very experienced in both an absolute sense and relative to other firms in our field. The average experience level of the entire professional staff is over eight years and the average experience level of the senior staff members is over 25 years. Several members of the firm hold the MAI designation of the Appraisal Institute.

Our company has a history of successfully serving a broadly diverse clientele. Over the last ten years, roughly forty percent of the firm’s assignments were performed for public agencies and sixty percent for the private sector. Significant private sector client groupings include investors, financial institutions and the legal profession. Our public sector clients range from local municipalities and redevelopment agencies to federal agencies, including the GSA, IRS and the Justice Department.

Our work extends from relatively “normal” properties such as office buildings, shopping centers and industrial facilities to more exotic property types such as motion picture studios, live performance theaters, rural mountain acreage, marinas and even subway tunnels.

We believe that our firm’s strongest attributes are its reputation for quality in the work product, the size and ability to respond promptly to a tremendous variety of client needs, and the experience to support the results of our work whether in loan committee meetings or legal proceedings.


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We valued the rights acquired for subterranean tunnel easements without right of surface entry for the Metropolitan Transit Authority and its predecessors, the agencies charged with creating the ambitious Los Angeles subway system. Included were numerous easements below existing office structures in the central business district.