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Evolution: Los Angeles Westside "Small" Industrial Buildings


As a group, Los Angeles Westside small industrial buildings are generally under 10,000 square feet and range in age from 40 to 70 years. Most were built along rail lines or in areas close to the historic aircraft manufacturing plants. These small buildings frequently housed subcontractors to the aircraft/aerospace/defense industries. By the late 1980s and early 90s, these generally older and underparked properties had fallen into the doldrums.


By the mid-90s —and in advance of the general economic and real estate market recovery—new types of users were beginning to occupy these spaces. With little renovation, entertainment-related uses, galleries, design studios, and some service businesses were renting or purchasing and utilizing them. Now these buildings are considered a fashionable and desirable alternative to traditional office spaces. Their owners/lessees have discovered that sandblasted bow truss exposed beams can be a chic alternative to the lowered acoustical panel ceilings of traditional office buildings. Exhibit 1 illustrates the median and average price history for properties of this type under 10,000 square feet in West Los Angeles.

With vacancies almost nonexistent, recent years have seen dramatic increases in rents and sale prices for these buildings. Exhibit 2 is a sampling of six recently sold properties that are representative of this category (photos above).

At the present [late 2002] extremely high occupancy levels, continued strength in this market is anticipated although further rent or price increase expectations would be speculative.

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